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QuEstions & Answers

Where is Site Zero?
Site Zero is located in Motala at Vickerkullavägen 2. Here is the location in Google Maps.
Is there parking available during the event?
Parking is available at the facility (space is limited)
Are there any hotel recommendations in the area?
We have put together information about hotels on this site: Hotel information

Is it possible for me to give my place to a colleague of mine?
Please email to and we will help you with this arrangement.
If I would like to bring a colleague, how do I register them?
Space is limited and therefore it is first and foremost you who are invited that have a spot for the grand opening. Of course we take all questions to bring a colleague into consideration – email to for further information regarding the possibility to bring your colleague.

This page will be updated regularly with new information – if you don’t get your question answered please feel free to contact us at: